Linden discusses building water park

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 3, 2004

LINDEN-Linden maybe about to lose the city pool, but gain a water park instead. A Linden Resident stood before the Linden City Council on Monday and wanted to know what the city was planning to do with the Austin Park Pool. During the last city council meeting on Feb. 18, Councilman Dennis Breckenridge discussed the Parks and Recreations Board’s plans for the pool.

Mayor Pat Vice said they should just fill the pool with cement and put a concrete slab on top of it. The major concern over the pool now is because it’s an insurance labiality to the city.

“If someone were to come along and fall in the pool and drown, the city would be held responsible,” Vice said.

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Velma Jones Lankster attended the city council meeting on behalf of a group of concerned citizens to voice their opposition to the recent plans to cement in the pool and covert it into a water park. She said that the citizens want the pool restored.

She also said that she has talked with Congressman Artur Davis about finding the funds to restore it.

The Parks and Recreations Board also attended the meeting and brought pictures of what the area would possibly look like once the pool was filled in and converted to a water park.

After hearing the complaints from Lankster, the council voted to hold off on any changes to the Austin Park Pool until the Parks and Recreations Board decided on what it wanted to do.

Vice said he doesn’t understand the concern from the Parks and Recreations now towards the pool because they’ve been neglecting it for years.

“The Parks and Recreations Department hasn’t shown any interest in that pool in the past four to five years,” Vice said.

Some other topics discussed during the meeting included the approval of the new redistricting map for Linden and the City’s crackdown on abandoned cars and houses continues.