Virus sends city students home sick

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Has your stomach been bothering you lately? There is a new bug going around that disguises itself as a case of food poisoning, but it really is just a 24-hour virus.

Some of the common symptoms of this virus include cold sweats, vomiting, diarrhea and upset stomach.

The Demopolis School System has started to see signs of this virus. Demopolis City School Nurse Geraldine Walker said there have been quite a few children in the system that have been complaining about upset stomachs and vomiting. She also said that many children from Westside Elementary School checked out last week because of upset stomachs.

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“There is a child right now at Westside who is going home because of this virus,” Walker said.

Becky Gibson, who works at U.S. Jones Elementary School, said that about five to 10 children there have checked out so far because of the virus. Gibson also said that this virus isn’t anywhere near as bad as the one last year that had hundreds of children missing school.

“This bug hasn’t really started to cause any major problems for us yet,” Gibson said.

Greensboro East Public School Nurse Willette Carter said that the school hasn’t seen any signs of this virus yet. She also said that they had some trouble back in November, but nothing really new so far.

“We haven’t had any real signs of a new virus here in Greensboro,” Carter said.