Livingston citizens may find names on different voters’ list

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 11, 2004

The Livingston City Council has agreed on a new redistricting map for the public to discuss and then be approved. Mayor Tom Tartt said that the changes made to the map were the first in over 14 years.

“It was time to look over the map and make some changes,” Tartt said.

He said there were very little changes in the drawing of the new district lines as far as land was concerned. He also said that the racial makeup of each district wasn’t really changed in any way.

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“The main problem we faced was that since the map hasn’t faced changes in 14 years, we had some districts with 300 people some with 800 people and so on,” Tartt said.

He also said that the changes made were just an attempt to equal out every district in terms of population and racial makeup. Tartt said that the city would run a voters’ list for the residents to show them were their new place to vote will be located.

“All the places to vote have been changed in this new map,” Tartt said.

The new locations to vote in Livingston are as follows:

* District 1- City Hall

* District 2- Ruby Pickens Public Library

* District 3- UWA’s Student Union Building (SUB)

* District 4- Northside Village Elderly Center

* District 5- Willows Recreational Center

Other news discussed during the council meeting involved talks of the downtown urban renewal project, purchasing a building for the city, and proclaiming this week to be Girl Scout Week in the City of Livingston.

Tartt talked about the city paying $9,000 for the concept development stage of their downtown urban renewal project. The same project that Senator Richard Shelby gave his support to during his last visit.