Prison guard calls it a day; doesn’t call anyone else

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 11, 2004

A prison guard at the Sumter County Jail decided to become Australian and go on a walkabout.

This move came as a surprise to the Mayor of Livingston Tom Tartt and two Sumter County Commissioners Diane Green and Ronnie Beard.

With five Sumter County Sheriff cars and three unmarked vehicles it looked like a prison riot was in progress, but it was only one man that caused all of this commotion.

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Chief Deputy of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department Eddie Larkin said that he received a phone call from Sheriff Hatter telling him that a prison guard had left his post and gone home.

“He just left his post. We haven’t had an official resignation from him yet,” Larkin said.

He also said that only one guard left his post and he thinks the reason he left was because he was disgruntled about his current pay wage.

Larkin said that he wanted to let everyone know that the jail is still operational and that they will make the necessary changes to the schedule to make sure this doesn’t become a problem.