Police solve sweet case

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 15, 2004

The evidence was overwhelming. Plastic wrappers all over the floor. A couple of discolored tongues.

Actually, it wasn’t that easy for the Demopolis Police Department after getting a call earlier this week about a burglary at Westside Elementary School.

According to Det. Sgt. Tim Soronen, police were called after the school reported a broken window. And the perpetrators didn’t just stop with a shattered window. They scoured through every teacher’s room in the building on a quest for the most valuable good to this sort of delinquent.

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As Soronen put it: “They stole all the candy in the school.”

Immediately, that narrowed down the age range for suspects. But for Soronen and police officials, it was hard to imagine the suspect was inside the halls of Westside Elementary.

“Don’t know that we could have arrested second graders,” he quipped.

Because Westside Elementary only holds classes for K-2, Demopolis police looked elsewhere for the culprits. Two hours later, police caught their two suspects — juveniles of course.

Along with the damage to a window, Soronen said the students did vandalize the building a bit more.

“They wrote some choice words on the chalkboard,” he said. “The teachers took care of that pretty soon.”

Meanwhile, police were able to recover all the stolen goods.

“They didn’t have [the candy] on their person,” Soronen said. “They had it hidden.”

Police were able to quickly find the suspects thanks to a computer-operated camera system at Westside Elementary.