Demopolis track tea competes at Greensboro High

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 22, 2004

The Demopolis High Track and Field team traveled to Greensboro on Thursday. Here are the results for the DHS athletes:

Shot Put: Ray Williams 2nd place

Discus: Ray Williams 3rd place

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4 by 100: Vincent Jackson, Dustin Gracie, Dontrell Miller, Terrell Johnson 1st place, his time was 45:03 sec.

4 by 400: Dontrell Miller, Willie Blunt, J.T. Lawson, Dustin Gracie 1st place

100 M Girls: Shaquile Jackson 3rd place 13:81 sec. Dewanda Nelson 4th place 14:55 sec

100 M Boys: Terrell Johnson 1st place 11:78 sec Vincent Jackson 2nd place 12:16 sec

200 M Girls: Shaquile Jackson 2nd place in 2nd heat Dewanda Nelson 2nd place in 1st heat

200 M Boys: Vincent Jackson 1st place in 1st heat 23:41 sec Dustin Gracie 1st place in 2nd heat Dontrell Miller 3rd place in 2nd heat 23:65 Terrell Johnson 4th in 2nd heat 23:75

Shot Put: Kierra Plaskett 2nd place

Discus: Kierra Plaskett 3rd place

Long Jump: J.T. Lawson 4th place

4 by 8 Relay: Lamar Black, Edward Seaborn, Victor Green, Travis Bryant 2nd place

1600: Lamar Black 3rd place

800 Meter: Edward Seaborn