Even some Bama fans admit the shock of stunning win

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The State of Alabama has proven itself to be not only the home of Paul Bear Bryant and the 12 National Championships, but also the home of the famous battle cry of “WAR EAGLE”. But there has always been one college in Alabama that has been in the shadow of these two schools until now.

Everyone in Alabama let’s finally welcome the Blazers home. Alabama shook the foundation of college basketball as well as its reputation to only be a football state with its recent victories.

This past weekend the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama-Birmingham took down two of the top ranked teams Stanford and Kentucky in the NCAA tournament. UA has many graduates and supporters in the City of Demopolis and West Alabama.

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UAB on the other hand may be known for producing doctors and flaming dragons, but there are far less people in Demopolis and West Alabama, who support them. In West Alabama, if there isn’t red and white or blue and orange blood running through someone’s veins then their end is definitely near.

After the Blazers’ performance against Kentucky, some people may be ready to trade in their red and white or blue and orange face paint for some green and gold. Well that won’t happen in this story. This story is about the people who bleed red and white and who yell out “ROLL TIDE” just for the heck of it.

People like Tom Perry, Mike Marshall, and Bill Traeger. Traeger said he had doubts about UA before their recent game with Stanford. He was very excited and shocked once the clock hit all zeros and the Crimson Tide had shocked the basketball world.

“I was excited, shocked and surprised after the game because before it, I didn’t think we had a chance,” Traeger said.

Perry said that Alabama’s performance so far in the tournament could be summed up in two words, Antoine Pettway. He also said that he thinks the coaching staff has done a great job so far.

“They have been battling hard in every game and showing the rest of the country what Alabama Basketball is all about,” Perry said.

Marshall said that Alabama was due to be in the Sweet 16 because the last time they were there was 18 years ago. He also said that the team has been playing extremely hard, but they haven’t shown anyone what they’re truly capable of yet.

“I have to say that Pettway is doing an incredible job of leading this team through the tournament,” Marshall said.

Perry and Marshall both think that the next game against Syracuse will be a tough one, but one that UA can ultimately win. Perry said the Crimson Tide must come out and be ready to play because Syracuse is trying to defend their title from last year.

“I think that Alabama will come out and out shoot the Orangemen and win by about five points,” Perry said.

Marshall said if they come out shooting and can play the ball inside, then they defiantly have a good shot of winning.

“I think the Crimson Tide will prove to be to much for the Orangemen and win by five or six points,” Marshall said.