Bradley happy his troops are home

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 31, 2004

LIVINGSTON–Army Reserve Captain Robert Bradley of the 287th Transportation Company from Livingston recently returned from one-year tour in Iraq as a member of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM/IRAQI FREEDOM. Bradley said that he was waiting to do an interview until the rest of his men and women came back from overseas. Well the other men and women of his company flew into Fort Benning yesterday.

“The soldiers from Alabama played a big role in the success of the missions in Iraq,” Bradley said.

He said that during his stay in Iraq he was a Company Commander within the 287th. He also said that he was responsible for the command and control of the Heavy Truck Transportation Company (HET) that provided heavy lift transportation support to many different units.

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“Our main job while in Iraq was to move the Abrams M-1 Tanks and the Bradley tanks around the battlegrounds,” Bradley said.

He said that he was also responsible for the training, readiness, safety, operation, and maintenance of over 120 wheeled vehicles. He also said that he was responsible for the welfare of 298 personnel including six officers and 292 enlisted soldiers.

“I’ve always been a strong leader and an even stronger solider,” Bradley said.

Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel David Cotter said during the operation the unit was seriously short of personnel, but Bradley didn’t have a problem training the personnel he did have in order to fill his ranks. He said throughout the problems Bradley never ceased in his efforts to produce roadworthy vehicles and qualified crews to contribute to the mission.

“Bradley should continue to seek out tough jobs that can capitalize on the organizational and administrative skills that are his forte,” Cotter said.

Group Commander Colonel Michael Terry said Bradley made a lasting and valuable contribution to the Group’s effort to close two divisions and two Cavalry Regiments. He also said that Bradley’s unit was a key part of the operation while in Iraq.

“Bradley’s real strength is his ability to organize and process information,” Terry said.