Brown bags Raiders: Shannon Brown exits Greensboro for 6A Bob Jones High School

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The questions and concerns regarding football are forming over Greensboro like a thunderstorm, and as of this time there are no answers. At a time when most high school head coaches are preparing to take their team to the field for spring training, the Greensboro Raiders are left wondering who will be that coach, and will there even be a spring at all this year?

With the recent resignation of Greensboro High School head football coach Shannon Brown, the Raiders once again find themselves in a dreary spring with plenty of overcast days ahead. And if the answers don’t come soon, there could be severe weather conditions in the forecast for the Greensboro Raiders come next fall.

But forecasters in Greensboro are predicting sunny conditions this spring and say that a new head coach will be announced as early as April 20. Hale County School Board Superintendent, Joseph “Frank” Stegall said that candidates for the position are in the process of being interviewed and an answer should come soon.

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“We have received 6-8 applications for the position and the school is in the process of conducting interviews with each applicant at this time,” Stegall said. “The school board will meet on the night of April 19, to review all applicants and we, along with Jack Clayton (Greensboro High School Principal) will make a decision on the position.”

While Clayton could not commit on who those applicants were at this time, Stegall did confirm that Bibb County assistant football coach Mike Reynolds had applied for the job. Reynolds was an assistant at Greensboro under head coach Tracy Dunn, who has recently been named the new head coach at Holt High School.

As far as Brown is concerned, the former defensive tackle for the University of Alabama and third round draft choice for the Atlanta Falcons in 1996, has suddenly jump ship again in Greensboro and taken the head coaching position at 6A Bob Jones High School.

Brown, 32, comes to Bob Jones after just two years at Greensboro High School where he led the Raiders to two consecutive losing seasons with records of 6-5. Brown entered his coaching career just five years ago at Southern Academy, where he spent three seasons as head coach with records of 4-6, 11-1 and 10-2.