Up on Roof: Center should be complete in July

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Everything is going according to plan with the construction of the Demopolis Higher Education Center in Demopolis. Demopolis will have a center built and ready for students to be taught by June with classes beginning in August.

The Demopolis Higher Education Center is currently under construction at the Demopolis Sports Plex. Alabama Southern Community College Business Manager Roger Chandler said that construction of the center was currently ahead of schedule. He also said that the construction supervisor Tom Reed said that as long as the rain stays away the project should be done before July.

“If we can keep the weather under control then we should have the center built before or near the beginning of July. If I had to sum it up in two words ‘On Target’,” Chandler said.

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Chandler said that even if a monsoon came through and totally wrecked construction there would still have classes, even if it meant having them at Demopolis High School. He also said that the search for teachers and administrators for the center has been going very well.

“We’ve had to extend the deadline so we could get as many applications as possible,” Chandler said.

He said that they planned to have all the teachers hired before the middle of April. He also said they plan to have the Director and Administrator before June.

“We plan to have counselors available by April, so if there are any students who need some advice or counseling then they can come by,” Chandler said.

Ever since this center was announced there has been worries and concerns from the University of West Alabama about what this center’s true purpose is. If this building becomes a community college, then UWA stands to lose some of the students from this area.