Business ‘rushing’ to new location

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 2, 2004

Mike’s Fast Service Center is getting to be even to fast for its’ owner, Mike Rush. Rush is packing up his business and moving to the old Demopolis Tire building right next to Green Leaf for a fresh start and a brand new name, Mike’s Auto Center.

Rush said the reason for the name change is because with the bigger building, there will be more services that the business can other our customers. He also said that the old building is just to small and it was hurting the amount of business that comes in.

“It’s a size move more than anything. This old building just limited what we could do,” Rush said.

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Rush said that he wanted to expand his services to his over 2,000 loyal customers that he has already amassed in just over two short years. He said that’s the one thing that I really love about Demopolis is that once a customer comes in, and the service is good, that customer will came back forever.

“We will offer everything except body work in the new building,” Rush said.

Rush has been a mechanic since 1958. He admits his first love was working with foreign cars, but now he can fix anything. He also said that since he started writing his columns, he has had many, many people calling him or stopping by to get advice on their automobiles.

“I have never charged for advice and never will,” Rush said.

Rush originally from New York and holds a degree in Accounting knows a lot more about cars then just how to fix them. He said when it comes to air conditioning repair around Demopolis, I’ll bet I’m the only one that has pass the tests and received the permits to do the work.

“I get businesses from all over that send me cars to work on the air conditioning,” Rush said.

Rush’s biggest battle so far since owning a business in Demopolis is teaching the people here about preventative maintenance. He said that is the one thing I’m always talking about with a new customer.

“Please treat your car right and change the oil every 3,000 miles because if you wait around, you’ll be sorry when your walking in rain or heat,” Rush said.

The new building is 10,000 square feet in size where as the old building is only 1,500. There will be nine bays in the new building along with five lifts as well as a machine shop.

“Having all this extra space will allow us to do five minute oil changes as well as fix any problem you can think of,” Rush said.

Rush wants to welcome everyone out to the grand opening of his new building on Monday, April 5, where they’re going to have the first ever ‘fan belt’ cutting instead of a ribbon cutting.