Alston fulfills dreams of service

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 7, 2004

LINDEN-There is a new policeman patrolling the streets and protecting the citizens of Linden. Robert Alston, 28 was born in Providence, AL and graduated from Linden High School.

“I’ve always wanted to be in involved in law enforcement in some way or fashion,” Alston said.

Alston joined the Army National Guard right after graduating from high school. He stayed in the military for seven years and attained the rank of Specialist.

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Alston graduated from the Alabama Police Academy in Selma with an overall average of 90 percent and visions of wearing the brimmed hat of the Alabama State Troopers. He had excellent marks in marksmanship and first aide training.

Alston said when he graduated his friend told him of an opening in the State Troopers, but they were in the middle of a hiring freeze. He also said that he knew that maybe one day he would get his wish and be able to work for the State Troopers.

“I was disappointed that I couldn’t get on with the State Troopers, but I had to move on,” Alston said.

He said the Chief of Police Jeff Laduron heard about his success at the academy and wanted him to come by and fill out an application. He also said Laduron made him promise to stay and be loyal to his commitment to the force.

“I promised Chief Laduron that I would stay with the department,” Alston said.

He said the day after I accepted the job with the LPD the State Troopers called me and wanted to hire me, but I turned them down. He also said that last Monday was his first official day with the Linden Police.

“They are breaking me in right. I’ve already had three arrests and two wrecks in just one week,” Alston said.

He said he has plans to be on the force for a long time and would like to one day achieve the rank of sergeant. He is married and has four children.