Street crews aided by ‘Gator’ vehicle

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 12, 2004

In the newest way to help with disposing of trash in Demopolis, the Street&Sanitation Department received a gator about two weeks ago, no not an alligator, but a John Deere Gator. The John Deere Gator is an all-terrain utility vehicle that was recently purchased to help with the trash pickup around the city and other tasks.

Street Department worker Terrell Hall and his partner were busy riding around the S-Curve and the old Riverside Cemetery picking up trash with trash grabbers. Terrell Hall pictured above, said he really enjoys having the Gator because it allows for more movement and easier to reach trash that is in hard to reach places.

Mayor of Demopolis Austin Caldwell said the Street&Sanitation Department included the Gator in their budget for this year. He also said the Gator was acquired to help with the general work of pickup garbage and because it allows for more access since it is a utility vehicle.

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The Street Department has been really working hard on cleaning up all the trash that plagues our city’s streets. They hope that this new Gator can help in the fight to keep Demopolis clean.

They have already filled up two trash dumpsters full of garbage from the streets since they’ve had the Gator. Caldwell said he didn’t know if the department would add more of these vehicles in the near future.