Fitzgerald, Demopolis’ king of swing

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 15, 2004

The Demopolis Rotary Club held it’s 31st Annual Charity Golf Tournament Wednesday, raising nearly $6,000 for local charities. Golfers of every age and handicap battled through windy conditions Wednesday at the Demopolis Country Club for a chance to hoist the largest trophies in town.

The Tournament was divided into four match play flights with a winner, runner-up and consolation in each flight. And of course there was the championship flight as well, where some the areas best golfers competed in 27 holes of medal play to decipher which would be crowned the title of The City of Demopolis Champion.

The championship flight consisted of an overall champion along with three (A, B, and C) divisional winners, not to mention a medalist winner for the best round through 18 holes of play.

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The cold weather that swept through Demopolis on Tuesday left behind a hard wind that blew across the Demopolis Country Club causing plenty of confusion for many golfers in Wednesday’s tournament. Choosing the right club on a windy day can be a most difficult decision for many golfers. But while many of Wednesday’s golfers battled the wind as much as they did the course, other golfers posted some impressive numbers despite the wind.

Tim Fitzgerald shot an impressive 72-even par through his first 18 holes Wednesday and went on to conclude his 27 hole round with a -1 under par 71 to become the 2004 City of Demopolis Champion. Mike Bell was the tournaments Medalist winner as he shot a -1 under 71 through 18 holes.

In the A Division, Fitzgerald took home the first place trophy, with Mike Fuqua falling into the runner-up spot and Mike Bell third with the consolation prize.

In B Division, Don Fitzgerald took the first place prize, Bill Meador came in second as the runner-up and Paul Garner finished third with the consolation prize.

And in Division C, John Green finished as the first place winner, Norman Lewis the runner-up and Al Giles came in third with the consolation prize.

Over in the tournaments match play event, Jay Reynolds was the winner of the first flight with Mack Fitzgerald coming in as the runner-up and Jonathan McElvy managed to walk away with the consolation prize. In the second flight, Ed Sheppard beat out runner-up Bill Harris for the first place prize, while Sam Neilson walked away with an easy win for his consolation prize.

In the third flight, Steve Henderson finished with the first place prize, Tim Ford came in second as the runner-up and Bill Manning came away as the consolation winner. And in the fourth flight it was Frank Rutledge finishing with the first place win, Billy Traeger the runner-up prize and Sonny Weaver the third place consolation winner.