Voters should be aware of new identification law

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 19, 2004

With the new Alabama Voter I.D. program in place, one of the local circuit clerks is worried that people won’t know what to do when it comes time to vote and then their vote will go uncounted and their voice will go unheard. In 2003 Governor Bob Riley signed Act 2003-381 into law, Alabama’s new voter identification law.

The Marengo County Circuit Clerk Rusty Nichols said this is the first year that a voter in Alabama has had to show some sort of identification for an absentee ballot. He also said that the voter must send in a photocopy of any of the acceptable forms of identification that our on the list that have been approved by the state with their vote.

“If the voter doesn’t send in a copy of their I.D., then their vote becomes a ‘Provisional Ballot’, which may not be counted,” Nichols said.

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He said he thinks this my lead to problems with some of the votes that’s why he wants to make sure everyone knows about this new law. He also said if the vote comes back as a Provisional Ballot, then that person must bring send their I.D. in or the vote will not be counted.

“We will start passing out applications for absentee ballots on April 22,” Nichols said.

He said anyone with questions could call 334-295-2224 or 1-800-274-8683.

List of acceptable forms of I.D.

* Government-issued photo identification

* Employee identification

* Photo ID card from an Alabama college or university

* Photo ID from Alabama technical or professional school

* Utility bill of voter w/ name and address

* Bank statement w/ name and address

* Government check w/ name and address

* Paycheck w/ name and address

* Valid ID card issued by State of Alabama

* Valid ID card issued by other 49 states

* Valid ID card issued by US Government

* Valid US passport

* Valid Alabama hunting license

* Valid Alabama Fishing license

* Valid Alabama pistol/revolver permit

* Valid pilot’s license issued by FAA

* Valid US Military ID

* Birth Certificate

* Valid Social Security card

* Naturalization document

* Court record of adoption

* Court record of name change

* Valid Medicaid card

* Valid Medicare card

* Valid EBT card

* Government document with name and address

If you don’t have any of these forms then a voter is permitted to

* Vote a challenged or provisional ballot

* Vote, if he or she is identified as a voter on the poll list who is eligible to vote by two poll workers, both poll workers sign the voting sign-in register by the voter’s name.