Turner arrested for year-old harassment case in Perry County

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 23, 2004

Perry County Commission Vice-Chairman Albert Turner Jr. was arrested Monday for harassment stemming from an incident during an April 22, 2003 closed-door meeting of the commission.

Vinnie Royster, a long time critic of Turner and the county’s plans for a Uniontown landfill, told police and media at the time that Turner had choked her and wrestled her to the floor.

She was complaining to the commission about comments Turner had made during his weekly Sunday morning radio program. In media accounts, she said she tried to swear out an arrest warrant but Perry County Clerk Mary Moore refused until a police investigation could be done.

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“A woman grabbed my testicles,” Turner told The Demopolis Times about the incident, “and I was trying to protect myself. And I don’t back down from that – no shape, form or fashion.”

Turner posted a $100 bond for the charge, which is a misdeameanor.