Miller turns into good pitch hitter

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 26, 2004

DEMOPOLIS– When John Essex High School Principal Loretta McCoy went on sick leave February 1; the school was left without a leader. Well, luckily for the Marengo County School System they had a person who has had first hand experience with filling in while a principal is out of action.

David Miller, a 20-year educator who is currently employed by the Marengo High School in Dixon Mills just last year filled in for Principal George Green while he was overseas in Iraq. So, he was up to the call when Marengo County Superintendent Luke Hallmark called him and asked him to fill in as Interim Principal at John Essex.

Miller said Thursday is his last day at John Essex as Interim Principal because McCoy has returned from her sick leave. He said he’s looking forward to returning to the classroom because its been a while since he last taught Agri-Science.

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“I love teaching Argo-Science,” Miller said, “I hold a B.S. and a Master’s degree in the subject from Alabama A&M in Huntsville.”

Miller said he enjoyed his time at John Essex very much and would like to thank the faculty and the students for making his stay enjoyable. He also said his time at Essex was more like a vacation because there are 150 less students than Marengo High and about half the faculty as well.

“The students are all really good kids and the parents were very supportive of all the decisions I made during my stay,” Miller said.

He said he could identify with these students here because when he was born and raised in Myrtlewood. He had 13 brothers and sisters and his mother and father both didn’t finish high school, but they still provided.

“Even though they didn’t have anything they still provided for me to become an educator and for that I’m thankful,” Miller said.

He said he would like to thank the Board and Hallmark for having confidence in him that he could step in and keep everything running smooth at John Essex. He also said he wanted to encourage the parents of these children to continue to support their children during their school years because they need all the support they can get.

Hallmark said he approached Miller about helping the school out while McCoy was out sick. He also said he did a very good job with keeping John Essex in order.