Story leads mother to bring in son

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 27, 2004

LINDEN- Willie James Taylor 31 of Uniontown turned himself in Monday to face charges of assaulting a co-worker on April 14, 2004. The Chief of the Linden Police Department Jeff Laduron said Taylor’s mother saw his picture in the April 21 edition of the Demopolis Times and called the Uniontown Police Department.

He also said she told the UPD that she would call Taylor, who was now in Miami, Florida to come back to Linden and turn himself into the police.

“The Chief of the Uniontown Police called me and told me about what his mother said, but I didn’t think he was going to just turn himself in,” Laduron said.

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He said he received a phone call from Taylor telling him that he would turn himself in on Monday to face the charges against him. Sgt. Scott McClure of the LPD said Taylor was wanted by the LPD for his actions during an altercation while at work on April 14,2004 at Linden Lumber. He also said Taylor and the victim Phillip Rogers had some bad blood between them before the altercation happened.

He said Rogers was bending over trying to pull a board out of the machine that was stuck when he noticed Taylor was behind him. He also said Taylor then struck Rogers in the back with the bunt end of an axe.

“Rogers rolled away after Taylor’s second swing missed him,” McClure said, ” Rogers then got to his feet and ran as far as he could before his back gave out.”

He said some of the guards saw Rogers and called an ambulance to come and take him to the hospital. He also said Rogers received only bruises and some swelling from the attack.

“The guards said Taylor walked off the job and got in his pickup truck and left the scene saying he quit,” McClure said.

He said there is currently a warrant for the arrest of Taylor for second degree Assault. He also said he currently lives in the Uniontown area, but he may have also run to Tuscaloosa.

“His hair is braided down now, but he still has all those piercings,” McClure said.