Why does Demopolis need a horticulturist?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 28, 2004

DEMOPOLIS-With the recent resignation by Amanda Smith, Demopolis’ horticulturist, the questions arise what is a horticulturist and why does Demopolis need one so badly.

The definition of the word horticulture is the science or art of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants. Thus, a horticulturist is someone who knows the science of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants.

Well, Smith is certainly a horticulturist and the people of Demopolis will sorely miss her. The Mayor of Demopolis Austin Caldwell said thanks to Smith the town has never looked better with the new flowers and trees that Smith planted during her three-year stint. He also said at first, the people of Demopolis were very skeptical of why the city needed a horticulturist, but now thanks to the efforts of Smith, the people can drive around and see all the beautiful flowers and know this is why.

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“Smith will be very hard to replace because she did a wonderful job for the City of Demopolis,” Caldwell said.

He said she was very instrumental in getting the city ordnance that requires landscaping for all businesses.

He said the search for a new horticulturist has already begun. Job notices for the horticulturist position will likely go out to Auburn University, Mississippi State and the Alabama Urban Forestry Association.

He also said the progress on the old Gary Malone Garage, which was given to the city by Robertson Banking Company to become the new beautification office was going very slowly because they are waiting on some roof repair before they finish working on the inside.

“Hopefully the work can begin next week, so we can get the ball rolling on this project,” Caldwell said.