Council member’s address questioned

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 30, 2004

A resident of Greensboro questioned Thursday whether a member of the city council actually lives in the city. Adeliade L. Hearns spoke during public comment time at the Thursday morning council meeting concerning where council member Janice Jemison lives.

Jemison, who was appointed to fill the District 1 seat vacated by State Representative Bobby Singleton, was not present at the council meeting.

Jemison’s address is listed as 2406 Walker Street, but there are reports that she lives in the Tuscaloosa County section of Moundville. Hearns said she believes Jemison lives in Moundville. The council member’s address is listed as 27 County Road 28 in the BellSouth phone book.

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Hearns lives in the Depot area of Greensboro. “Whenever we ask anybody about it, they say the people in the district are not complaining,” she said. “…Today is my day to complain.

“…We look for the people in charge to do what’s right….Her trailer is vacant where she is supposed to be living. Her mother lives right down the street from her.”

The Demopolis Times attempted to contact Jemison through her cell phone or Bell South number, but neither number was working.

Mayor Pro-Tem Valada Paige-Banks said she was able to contact Jemison through her mother.

“If she’s moved off, you just need to get in touch with her,” council member Richard Washburn told Hearns, “or if you do happen to see her, find out. If she’ll resign her position, we can get somebody else from the district to come in and replace her.”

“The council by itself cannot vote her out,” said Vangeline Rose, Greensboro city attorney. “She can resign voluntarily, or action can be taken to have her impeached if she does not live there.

“The council cannot do a thing as long as she says this is her legal residence,” the attorney said, “and it’s within the district.”

“We want to know who to go to when we need something done,” Hearns said. Residents can’t find the person who is supposed to represent them.