Linden cracking down on speeding

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 11, 2004

LINDEN-The City of Linden is tired of people speeding like Dom (Vin Diesel) from the motion picture “The Fast and The Furious” on their city streets and coming May 17, they are going to do something about it. The Linden City Council has already taken steps in the form of a city ordinance that will reduce the speed limits on some of the streets.

The streets that will be influenced by the city ordinance are:

*Shiloh Street from Sixth Avenue East to the Intersection at U.S. Highway 43 South shall be no greater than 35 miles per hour.

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* Sixth Avenue East from Shiloh Street to Martin Luther King North shall be no greater than 25 miles per hour.

The Linden Police Chief Jeff Laduron said this move was certainly needed in the city because his officers have been extremely busy writing speeding tickets over the past couple of weeks. He also said his officers wrote nine speeding tickets on May 4 only.

“We can write tickets all day, but people will always speed,” Laduron said.

He said some of the worst speeding tickets have come on Shiloh Street and Sixth Avenue. He also said Friday he wrote a speeding ticket to one guy who was going 71 mph in a 40 mph zone.

“If people keep speeding that’s fine because the average cost of a speeding ticket is around $118,” Laduron said.

He said that Mayor Pat Vice requested more police officers patrolling the streets when schools let out because the speeding gets very bad. He also said the people that speed think they are get out of these tickets by making excuses, but there is not excuse for speeding period.

“We’ve had people going 70-80 mph in the 50 mph zone and that is just way to fast,” Laduron said.

He said another issue in the City of Linden is the violation of the noise ordinance. He also said this problem is a growing one in the city.

“We made two arrests for having loud music the other day,” Laduron said.

He said the average price for a noise violation ticket is around $100 also.