Livingston getting tower

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 17, 2004

LIVINGSTON-A new Cingular Wireless tower is going to be placed in Livingston thanks to the approval of the Livingston City Council Monday night. The council also approved a new committee that will help in bringing new doctors to the area.

A Cingular Wireless representative spoke to the council about placing a new 250 foot tower in Nick Hauser’s pasture just North of U.S. Highway 11. The representative told the council about the changes made to the contract that would place the tower 300 feet from the property line of other properties.

The representative also told the council about the safety measures included in building the tower. The tower will have a white safety light during the day and a red light at night. She also said the tower gives off very low levels of radiation, well below the FCC guidelines due to the radio signals coming from the tower.

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The council approved the reformation of the Medical Clinic Authority Board in Livingston to help with the recruitment of new doctors and medical personal to the area. The council also approved a budget amendment to give the Board $10,000 to work with in its recruitment efforts.

The council received the information about the annexation of Highland Drive and it will be varied and be voted on next meeting. Mayor Tom Tartt said he wanted everyone to know that the police are really going to start stepping up their coverage now that everyone is getting out of school.