WAP holds Awards Day

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 17, 2004

West Alabama Prep held its annual Awards Day for the rest of the students to recognize their achievements during the 2003-2004 school year.


Presidents’ Academic Excellance- Benjamin Vann

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Citizenship- Anna Kathryn Griffin, Kendall Principe

First Grade

“A” Trophy- Spencer Martin, Sydney Moore, Matthew Trest, Tripp Perry, Wallace Tutt, Drake Holtzclaw, Anna Kirkham

A-B Honor Roll- Kathlene Saliba, Bailey Petrey, Will Allen, Josh Holifield, Caleb Holtzclaw

Citizenship Award- Spencer Martin, Tripp Perry

President’s Academic Excellence Award- Tripp Perry, Spencer Martin

Second Grade

“A” Trophy- William Tutt, Paige Hall, Mackenzie Holtzclaw, Madelyn Couch, Brooks Reeves

A-B Honor Roll- Morgan Saliba, Nicholas Vann, Daniel Ratcliff, Garrett Edwards, Caitlin Andrews, Carolyne Baker, Allen Campbell

Citizenship Award- Caitlin Andrews, Paige Hall, William Tutt, John Anthony Morrison, Madelyn Couch

Most Improved- William Tutt

Third Grade

A-B Honor Roll- Kimberly Campbell, Reesa Holifield, Colton Dodd, Bradley Simmons, Anna Morgan Reynolds, Amberly Noland, Kinsey Haynes, Tanner Cox, Anna Stwart Cramer

Citizenship Award- Anna Morgan Reynolds, Kimberly Campbell

Fourth Grade

“A” Trophy- David Tutt, Gigi Perry, Kayley Cook, Olivia Leys, Avery Duckworth

A-B Honor Roll- Taylor Polk

Citizenship Award- Taylor Polk, Kayley Cook

President’s Academic Excellence Award- Gigi Perry

Fifth Grade

“A” Trophy- Jennie Hurst, Lexi Meyer, Jessica Poellnitz

A-B Honor Roll- Chase Cameron, Caswell Compton, Andrew Logan, Matthew Sellers, Sarah Martin Stapp

Citizenship Award- Mary Francis Cramer, Caswell Compton

Sixth Grade

“A” Trophy- Madison Duckworth, Michael Mote

A-B Honor Roll- Laura Kathryn Morgan, Madison Poole, Samantha Pratt, Mary Michael Cowling, Jordan Stone, Ashley Polk

Citizenship Award- Mary Michael Cowling, Daniel Webb

President’s Academic Excellence Award- Madison Duckworth

Seventh Grade

“A” Trophy- Jacob Logan, Madison Poellnitz, Nichole Snider, Kyle Tait, Hillary Stapp

A-B Honor Roll- Caty Cameron

Citizenship Award- Jacob Logan, Madison Poellnitz

President’s Academic Excellence Award- Kyle Tait, Hillary Stapp

Eighth Grade

“A” Trophy- Christi Wilkinson, Katie Jennings

A-B Honor Roll- Tyler Baker, Lauren Cameron, Callie LeCroy, John Paul Mcpherson, Drew Waldrop, Katie Reeves

Citizenship Award- Matthew Noland, Rob Rorie

President’s Academic Excellence Award- Christi Wilkinson, Katie Jennings, Katie Reeves

Ninth Grade

“A” Trophy- Matthew Ray, Zach Pratt, Meredith Garner

A-B Honor Roll- David Moore

Citizenship Award- Len Pope, Zack Pratt

Tenth Grade

“A” Trophy- Daniel Logan, Kimberly Wilkinson, Elaina Jennings, Allison Elmore

A-B Honor Roll- Jessica Baker, Jackie Lewis

Citizenship Award- Clay Meyer, Scott Mitchell

President’s Academic Excellence Awards- Daniel Logan, Elaina Jennings

Eleveth Grade

“A” Trophy- Morgan Cowling, Stephanie Horne, Samantha Sullivan

A-B Honor Roll- Lauren Stokes, Josh Ray

Citizenship Award- Rollin Biggs, Lauren Stokes

President’s Academic Excellence Awards- Samantha Sullivan

Science Olympiad Team

Science Fair Winners

Spelling Bee

Art Winners