Thanks for support of our activity

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Dear Editor:

The faculty, staff and students of Westside Elementary School would like to thank everyone who made our Schoolfest celebration a huge success!!!All of the money that was raised will benefit the Demopolis City Schools Foundation.


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Dan and Vicki Wilson/Colony Office Products

Gary Butler/Butler and Gardner, Inc.

Robertson Banking Company

Kevin Johnson/Food World

John Whitehead/Wal Mart

Charles Jones/Sears

Paula Parr/Parr’s Chevron

Jacky and Pam Poole/Smokin’ Jacks

John Nall/Newton Tire

Windham Motor Company Inc.

Ben Sherrod Jr.

Ronnie Willingham/Willingham Sports

Fleming Photography

Piggly Wiggly

Community Education

A special thanks to all the parents and volunteers that put in a hard day’s work:

Don Tarpley, Steve Thrasher, Pete Coleman, Willy Hill, Dennis Spence, Steven King, Tracy Spiller, Bess Griggers, Tammy Dinning, Frances Webb, Emily Low, Ellen England, Jean Glass, Tina Lawrence Vera Weir, Selena Banks, Penny Dew, Kendall and Dave Watrous, Teresa Widener, Tracy Snodgrass, Simone James, Angel Bryant, Rhonda Cooper, Megan Hannah, Melonie Midgorten, Robin Blair, Atlay Phillips, Tracy Nored, Angela Alston, Nina Lins, Diane Brooker, Anita Williams, Sheryl Cunningham, Jennifer Forehand, Debra Dunavent, Charlotte Coleman, Tracy Moore, Yolanda Woods, Jennifer Overstreet, Dee Hansley, Margie Belcher, Patti Tucker, Jean McCarter, Vicki Wilson, Patricia Harris, Lorenzo Moore, Cecelia Colverton and Lucy Chu.

Thanks to Steve Tyson — Mr. Santa Claus

Rides provided by:

Steve Thrasher- Golf Cart/Hayride

Keith Holley-Golf Cart

Vicki Wilson- Golf Cart

I would like to give a special thanks to Tracy Stewart, Sonja Sanford, Kelly Webb and Jennifer Lay for their help and guidance, and also the WONDERFUL faculty and staff at Westside Elementary School.