Why I didn’t go see my MAMA on “Mothers Day”

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Two weeks ago my 4 year old grandson Andy stated “out of the blue” Granny, my MAMA is mean to me and you need to give her a spanking.

I asked why he would say that.

He said she spanked him cause he took something from (his sister), Haley.

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I said that is no reason to say your MAMA is mean she just loves you and wants you to be nice to your sister.

I asked him did his MAMA explain to him what he had done wrong and he said yes,

and that she loved me.

Well, my MAMA was mean to me too.

This is why I did not go see her on “Mothers Day”.

My Mama was real mean and would actually make me do chores,

I even had to work on weekends at the Dollar Store.

I was always made to go to Church,

Sunday morning, night and Wednesdays, missing sometimes wouldn’t have hurt.

She did not allow me to date when all my friends were dating in their early teens,

If she would have let me I probably wouldn’t have gotten pregnant at 15.

Would you believe she made me stay in school?

That was important to me she said, that’s the rule.

Low and behold my senior year, baby #2,

She made me accept my diploma 8-months pregnant in front of the entire school.

Right after graduation I had a job offer as Faunsdale’s Town Clerk,

This will be good experience; she made me take the job and go to work.

Don’t get me wrong Daddy was real mean too,

He called me his boy; they had 3 girls, why not pick one of the other 2.

He would make me get up early and go squirrel hunting,

He would make me shake the vines and carry the game in a bunting.

What is so great about fishing with your daddy in a boat?

He even made me learn how to clean fish, why I don’t know.

Sixteen years ago my 2 sisters called me on Mothers Day and fussed at me cause I wasn’t coming over to Mama’s house for “Mothers Day”.

I told them I was a Mother too, and I just saw her 2 days ago and my husband and 2 boys were planning to build a playhouse.

Well Mama died 2 weeks later after a 10 year battle with cancer, I was 29 years old.

Now you know why I didn’t go see my mean Mama on Mothers Day.

I am so glad that I had a mean Mama and a mean Daddy.

I’m sorry I didn’t go see Mama 16 years ago on Mothers Day.

Daddy died 3 years ago with cancer and I really miss those fishing trips.

I spent Mothers Day this Sunday with my baby sister, Kim.

My oldest sister Donna died 4 years ago at 43 with Lou Gehrig’s disease, I wish I had her around for her to fuss at me again.

Eight years ago my son Andy died.

He and Chris always told me I was mean too.

I wish I had Andy around again to tell me I was mean.

All you mamas out there if you are as mean as my mama, keep up the good work.

All of you that still have their mama, thank them for being so mean.

I had wonderful Christian parents, loving sisters and 2 precious boys.

Don’t ever miss the opportunity to tell your family how much you love them cause you never know when the last time you will see them.

May God Bless all Mothers

Vickie Taylor