‘Field of dreams’ sought in Linden

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 19, 2004

LINDEN-The City of Linden is looking to build “Fields of Dreams”. The Linden City Council approved a request from the Mayor of Linden Pat Vice on Monday night during their city council meeting to look into purchasing land for Linden’s Park and Recreation Department.

Vice told the council about 11 acres of land with in the city limits of Linden that the owner was willing to sale to the city. He also said he wished that land could be purchased and given to the park and recreation board, so they could work on building some baseball fields and some soccer fields. He asked the council to approve giving the Park and Recreation Department $35,000 to try and purchase the land.

“I’m asking the council to give me permission to approach the owner and try and secure the land for the Park and Recreation Department,” Vice said.

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He said even if the plans don’t work out for sport fields, it is still a great investment by the city. He also said the land would be a valuable asset to the city’s future plans.

City Council member and representative to the Park and Rec. Board Dennis Breckenridge said these plans for fields are still in the beginning phase. He also said the fields were a dream for the future of Linden.

“These plans are still so new that it’s hard to talk about them, but it is diffanitley a vision for the future,” Breckenridge said.

Linden City Clerk Cheryl Hall said she really couldn’t give out any real details about the property’s whereabouts until the council has officially secured it.