Motorists should be wary of speeding in the city of Linden

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Patrick Ellis / Demopolis Times Writer

LINDEN- 35 speeding tickets were issued by the Linden Police Department in the last two weeks from May 4-17 for speeding in the city limits. If someone is planning to travel to Linden, make sure to obey the speed limits are else they may be number 36.

The city has gone as far as sending out a public service announcement to all the media sources warning residents and travelers to make sure they following the speed limits and noise ordinance limits. Linden Police Chief Jeff Laduron said the city has taken these steps due to numerous complaints from residents about the constant speeding and loud music.

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“The city council has taken steps to change the speed limits on Shiloh and 6th Ave, to help combat the problem,” Laduron said.

He said the officers have been out patrolling the streets more forcefully now that schools are getting out for the summer. He also said they are doing what the mayor and the city council wanted them to do.

“We can write tickets all day, but people will always speed,” Laduron said.

He said some of the worst speeding tickets have come on Shiloh Street and Sixth Avenue. He also said Friday he wrote a speeding ticket to one guy who was going 71 mph in a 40 mph zone.

“If people keep speeding, that’s fine because the average cost of a speeding ticket is around $118,” Laduron said.

He said the people that speed think they are get out of these tickets by making excuses, but there is not excuse for speeding period. He also said they are not operating a speed trap because the tickets that have been written have been close to 20 miles per hour over the speed limit.

“We’ve had people going 70-80 mph in the 50 mph zone and that is just way to fast,” Laduron said.

He said the police force was going to be out in force on Memorial Day participating in the nation wide Memorial Day Click it or Ticket Blitz. Her also said the department was awarded another $500 grant to help pay for the overtime of the officers during this program.

“We will be out starting May 28 checking for seatbelts and drunk drivers,” Laduron said.

Some of the tickets that have been written include:

West Cahaba Av.

Speeding 71/40

East Coats Av. School Zone

Speeding 25/15

East Coats Av. School Zone

Speeding 25/15

East Coats Speeding 76/55

East Coats Speeding 68/50

East Coats Speeding 80/55

East Coats Speeding 75/55

East Coats Speeding 66/50

East Coats Speeding 80/50

East Coats Speeding 70/50

East Coats Speeding 73/55

East Coats Speeding 70/50

East Coats Speeding 48/30

East Coats Speeding 71/55

East Coats Speeding 72/40

South Shiloh Speeding 40/25

South Shiloh Speeding 43/20

South Shiloh Speeding 51/25

South Shiloh Speeding 43/25

South Shiloh Speeding 42/25

Shiloh Street Speeding 50/25

Shiloh Street Speeding 46/25

Shiloh Street Speeding 44/25

Shiloh Street Speeding 56/25

6th East Speeding 43/20

6th East Speeding 43/20

6th East Speeding 40/20

6th East Ave Speeding 40/20

6th East Speeding 43/20

West Cahaba&Scott P. Speeding 65/40

MLK-Austin School Speeding 35/20

Mobile Street Speeding 49/30

Mobile Street Speeding 47/30

Main Street Speeding 68/50

Main Street Speeding 54/30