City scraps plans for water park in favor of basketball

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 20, 2004

LINDEN-After much debate and public outcry that has lasted about two months now, The Linden City Council decided to start the necessary paperwork to turn the old swimming pool at Austin Park, not into a water park after all, but a basketball court. This was decided during the meeting on Monday night.

Mayor Pat Vice said something needed to be done with the old pool because it currently has standing water, which leads to mosquitoes. Linden City Clerk Cheryl Hall said they needed to do something with it because it was just filled with trash anyways.

The Marengo County EMA director Kevin McKinley told the board about working on a Hazard Mitigation Plan. He said if the city didn’t do one then they would not be eligible for relief funds if any nature disasters hit Linden. He also said the city would have to provide a list of all its assets including buildings and automobiles to FEMA.

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“If you sign this plan, then if we do ever have a natural disaster here, it won’t take nearly as long to get the money back,” McKinley said.

The council also had the second reading of the new speed limits, which will encompass Shiloh Street and 6th Avenue.

Linden Police Chief Jeff Laduron introduced the new cadet for police officer, Ronald Bright to the city council. Bright said thanks for giving me the opportunity to work for the city.

They also discussed closing Abernathy circle to help with the safety of the children who played in the park near by. They will discuss the future of this road at a later meeting.

Hall told the council about three different awards the city had won all of which relate to workman comp. Vice and the city council issued a one time only two and one half percent raise to all the city’s employees because of this accomplishment.