Project will ease drainage problem

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 20, 2004

LINDEN-Ten streets in Linden are about to receive a $500,000 facelift to their drainage system problems. This new drainage project will correct the problems that plague southeast Linden streets.

During the Linden City Council meeting on Monday night, the Linden City Clerk Cheryl Hall read off the winning low bid for the drainage project. She said the city received about eight bids for the work on the new drainage project. She also said the bids were opened at around 2 p.m. and the winner was J.R.&D Construction from Camden, AL with a bid of $453,520.40.

“The ten streets that will be covered in this plan are Barkley, Jones, Poole, Ford, Gardner, Lucas, Louisville, Green, Selma, and Brandon,” Hall said.

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The City of Linden received a $400,000 grant to help pay for this new project, but this project isn’t totally free because the city has to come up with their share of the bill-$148,000. She said the city has to pay $100,000 as a match to the original grant, but now the city has to come up with $48,000 extra to help off set engineer fees for the project.

Mayor Pat Vice said they should use money from the seven cent tax to help pay for the extra funds needed for the project. Hall said J.R.&D Construction is going to have a pre-construction meeting on June 1 and they would start construction the following week.

She said they have 120 days to complete the new project.