New areas annexed into Livingston city limits

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 26, 2004

LIVINGSTON-The residents of Highland Drive and Wood Circle, along with the roads were finally annexed into the Livingston city limits during the Livingston City Council Meeting on Monday. This means that these two roads will now fall under the property of the city and with the help of the Sumter County Commission can be repaired and re-paved.

The Mayor of Livingston Tom Tartt said this has been a project the city has been working on for sometime now. He also said now that those roads are in the city limits we can get the people want – better roads.

“Every resident had to sign the annexation petition and once that happened, we were able to vote on it,” Tartt said.

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The council also voted on some new video cameras for the police cars in Livingston. Tartt said these new police vehicle video systems would be a great asset to the police force of Livingston.

He also said the city took bids for seven video systems and they received bids from Eagleye Technologies, $25,494 and Mobile Vision, $26,159. The council voted to go with the lowest bidder and awarded the bid to Eagleye.

“No city money was used for the purchase of these cameras,” Tartt said, “The money used will come from the budgeted amount of the drug seizure money.”

The council granted a request from the City Administrator Joe Chance to amend $35,000 from the budget to purchase the warehouse property from Winton Wise. Tartt said this warehouse would be used for storage and for future expansion.

Chance said the swimming pool at Livingston Jaycee Park would be open on June 1. He also said admission to the pool on June 1 will be free.

“Pool hours are from 1-5 p.m. and the pool will be opened every day except Monday,” Chance said, “Admission to the pool, after June 1 is $1 per person.”