Baldwin wants another term on commission

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 27, 2004

With three candidates, Trezzvant Hopson, Calvin Martin, and the incumbent Marengo County Commissioner George Baldwin all running for election as the Marengo County Commissioner for District four, the Demopolis Times wanted to allow each candidate, one story at a time a chance to get their views out into the public limelight before the June 1 election. Baldwin will be the first candidate to express his views.

Baldwin has served county commission for eight years and twice as the chairman of the commission since he was elected in 1996. County Commissioners must be certified and Baldwin has completed the required 50 hours of course work needed for this position.

“I feel as though I have represented my district very well in the last eight years and with the county’s support, I can keep on working to make this a better place to live in,” Baldwin said.

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He has helped to organize the county’s first park and recreation board. This board is in the process of establishing recreational activities for the children and senior citizens of Marengo County.

Many of the polling places in the district have been relocated and updated under his leadership for the convenience of voters and poll workers. He supports planning, orderly growth, and clean industry and is committed to preserving the area’s natural heritage and fostering economic growth.

“It is my plan to restore public access to county lakes, so everyone will have a place to go and enjoy some recreational fishing,” Baldwin said.

He is supporting the initiative to bring a grocery store to the town of Thomaston because he knows how vitally important it is to keep as much money as possible circulating in our small towns. He wants to see growth in these areas and maintain the small town atmosphere.

He also has a plan of six things for the continued growth and productivity of Marengo County, District four which includes but is not limited too the following:

1. To create a “SportsPlex”. District four is the only district that does not have such facilities.

2. To create a walking trail for the citizens of the district.

3. To restore public access to lakes, providing the citizens with recreational fishing.

4. To work tirelessly towards economic development.

5. To improve the quality of life for every citizen by providing safe drinking water.

6. To pave roads for easier travel.

The children of Marengo County are of great concern to Baldwin. He is committed to providing jobs so that our children and grandchildren will not be forced to leave this area in order to support themselves and their families.

He knows the only way to do this is through economic development. Therefore, he is working to make Marengo County more attractive to businesses and industries.

“We have to bring in new businesses in order to keep or young people in Marengo County,” Baldwin said.

He has been employed by the Linden City School System for 20 years, 17 of those years were spent as a classroom teacher in the field of Agri-science Technology, formerly called Agribusiness Education. For the last three years, Baldwin has been the Career Technical Director at the Marengo County Technology Center.

His early education began in the Marengo County Public School System. He now holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree as well as AA certification from Alabama A&M University in education. He has also earned certification from Alabama State University in administration.

Baldwin resides in Flatwood and is a member of the Sidney Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church where he serves as chairman of the trustee board and as a class leader. He is married to Antionetta Samuel Baldwin, and is the father of four children.