SOUND OFF! What is this series accomplishing?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 27, 2004

To the Demopolis Times in response to the sports series articles:

I am writing as a parent, coaches wife and concerned resident of Demopolis.

As a parent, I can’t wait every year for the baseball season to begin.

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I enjoy as most parents do, watching their children play the World’s favorite pastime- the game of baseball!!

I have always tried to instill the values of good sportsmanship both on and off the field.

Many times this has been a difficult task, as we live in a very competitive world. Often times, I have had to discuss the losing of the game and my child’s conduct over losing. As well as, teaching him to be humble when winning.

It is much easier to accept victory over defeat. At a recent game I attended, I noticed there were no score boards on at the sports-plex.

I can’t help but question, how does this help the situation?

In life we will face competition, whether it be positive or negative. Someone will always win and lose. How do we prepare our children for the reality of the world, if we shelter them from everyday competition?

Competition is present in schools which lead students to excel in the classroom, and in sports which results in stronger athletes. I hate to see where we would be in society if we were all taught to be complacent. There would be no desire to strive to be better.

Would we have any leaders or role models for the children to look upSecondly, as a coach’s wife, I feel more support needs to be given to all of the coaches. A lot of time goes into preparing the team for game-day.

For most coaches, coaching is a very rewarding experience. I have yet to read in any of the articles, anyone thanking the coaches for their time and efforts that does and has allowed Demopolis sports to be very successful.

The sports programs in both school systems would not have been as successful, had it not been for the time and efforts of many of these coaches. This has only reflected positively on Demopolis. Now I doubt very seriously if any of these articles have sparked anyone to want to coach or umpire next year. Would you want to be associated with the possibility of bad press, as related to this week’s front page “NEWS”?

Where will this lead to the future of the sports programs in Demopolis?

Lastly, as a concerned resident, these articles are selling newspapers for the Demopolis Times.

What are they doing to shed a positive light on the community of Demopolis?

I have always felt like Demopolis was a wonderful place to live and raise your children.

I still feel this way!!

However, if I were someone that was thinking of moving to Demopolis with small children, and had read any of these articles thus far, I would have to consider not letting them participate in sports. We are known as “The City of The People.”

I would find it hard that no other towns have encountered some of the same situations.

I would hate to think that these articles would have a negative impact on the sports of Demopolis. We all need to pull together to help support the sports program’s

to ensure we continue to have good athletes, coaches and umpires.