Hopson: Old roads pitiful sign of county

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 1, 2004

LINDEN–With three candidates, Trezzvant Hopson Sr., Calvin Martin, and the incumbent Marengo County Commissioner George Baldwin all running for election as the Marengo County Commissioner for District four, the Demopolis Times wanted to allow the candidates one more chance to get their views out to the public before the June 1 election. Hopson will be the final candidate to express his views.

Hopson, a resident of Dixons Mills is running on the idea of he just wants to help the people of district four get what they deserve and have been lacking for the last eight years. He wants to give the taxpayers of the district an elected official that will truly listen to the people and work for their needs.

“I’m 100 percent trying to help the people of the south end of Marengo County because nothing is coming our way,” Martin said, “It’s all going to Demopolis.”

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He said if he were elected as the county commissioner, he would work hard to get the dirt and asphalt to pave all the roads that have been neglected in his district for many, many years.

“We’ve had the same roads here for about 100 years and nothing has been done to fix them yet,” Hopson said.

He said that he would do whatever it takes to get new businesses for the district and the entire county.

“We need someone that will come in and work for the betterment of the district in terms of new jobs and businesses,” Hopson said.

He said nobody cares about district four and he is to fix that in the eyes of the commission.

He said he is a self-employed truck driver. He also attends the Rockababylon Missionary Baptist Church of Dixons Mills.

He is married and has three children.