Thanks for writing the Youth Sport Series

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 1, 2004

I just finished reading the 6 articles on youth baseball you have published in your recreation series to-date. Wanted to let you know that I thought they were excellent and, hopefully, will make at least a few people think.

I agree with the letter to the editor in the May 27th issue.

I feel enough is enough.

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The original letter to the editor was sufficient to call attention to the problem and hopefully chastise the guilty.

The continue coverage has been negative to the program and the city.

It has just continued to fuel the hurt feelings of the evening in question and fan the flames.


It appears you’ve struck a nerve with a lot of people around town.

It’s obviously a very important issue to our town. I do appreciate your willingness to take on a subject that people are so passionate about.

I think the dialogue that has started as a result of your series on youth league baseball has been needed around here. I’m somebody who loves youth sports, I’ve been involved with them, and I hope that people will see this as an opportunity to improve our leagues, instead of an opportunity to tear them down.