Alleged Chicago dealer caught in Eutaw

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 2, 2004

EUTAW-The Greene County Sheriff’s Department helped the Chicago Police Department serve a warrant and capture a wanted man in Boligee on Monday, May 31. They apprehended Dante Young, a 19 year-old drug dealer from Chicago, Illinois who was wanted on drug charges.

The Greene County Sheriff Johnny L. Isaac said they received a call from the Police Department in Chicago asking for assistance in serving a warrant for a man they believed was in the area of Greene County.

“After they called us and asked for our help, we were able to locate Young very quickly in the Boligee area,” Isaac said.

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He said when they started investigating the possible whereabouts of Young; they found him staying with some residents in Boligee. He also said when they went to arrest Young; no one was hurt during or after the arresting process.

He said he didn’t think charges would be filed on the residents that he was staying with.

“Young is sitting in the Greene County jail and we are working to extradite him back to Chicago to face his drug charges,” Isaac said.

He said the Chicago Police Department was very grateful for the assistance they received in catching this wanted criminal. He also said more information about Young or his charges could not be released at this time.