Linden adds new policeman to force

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 3, 2004

LINDEN-With just two days of crime fighting under his belt, the Linden Police Department’s newest officer loves every minute of his job. Originally from Linden, Ronald Bright, 23 has always wanted to be a police officer and now he has finally gotten his shot.

Bright was born and raised in Linden by his parents Ralph&Lizzie Bright and he also attended all of the local schools.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do and thanks to the City of Linden, I have a chance to do it,” Bright said.

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He said he entered into the United States Army after graduating from Linden High School. He also said he stayed in the military for four and a half years and left rated an E-4 Specialist.

“I did two combat tours, one in Afghanistan and another in Iraq during my stint in the service,” Bright said.

He said he also did a tour in Korea for one year. He also said when he finished his time in the service; he moved back to Linden and went to truck driver’s school.

“After I completed my school and received my CBL to drive trucks, I decided it just wasn’t for me,” Bright said.

He said he accepted an offer to work for the Marengo County Detention Center in Linden. He also said he worked there from Feb. to May of this year, and then took the job with the Linden Police Department.

“I would like to thank God first for everything he’s given me and I would also like to thank the Marengo County Detention Center and the Sheriff for helping me better myself,” Bright said.

He said he was planning on making the police business his career. He also said he was thankful to the Linden Police Chief Jeff Laduron and the City of Linden for giving him a chance to prove that he was the man for the job.

“I have to go to the police academy in Selma from August 22-November 19,” Bright said.

Laduron said about his newest officer, he would be a great asset to the department and they already had a good bunch of guys, but now with Officer Bright, it has become even a better group.

“I know Officer Bright will be very good for the City of Linden and its residents,” Laduron said.