Umpire story

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 7, 2004

Dear Editor:

I am a former resident of Demopolis and read with amazement the article regarding the “umpire situation” in Demopolis and at the Sportsplex.

I can’t believe what I was reading.

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I assume these were grown adults, might be an invalid assumption, and to set this kind of example for the kids is just ridiculous, at best.

When I played in Demopolis, coaches like Benji Neetles, Larry Harmon, Melvin Abrams, Charles Abrams, and many others were, what I will call, perfect examples for the kids.

They taught us respect, for not only ourselves, but for others, to include the umpire.

I remember once in a game I was pitching and a ball/strike call went against me and I stared at the umpire (I might have made a face or something but never said a word) and you would have thought I said something.

I not only got in trouble with my coach, my dad was waiting for me at the house to “discuss the issue”.

From that day forward I never even hinted that I questioned an umpire’s call.

I have since gone on to play college baseball and I will say one thing, I never questioned an umpire’s call by trying to “show him up”.

Baseball is meant to be fun and also a great sport for kids.

If we could just keep the parents out of it, it would remain a good sport.

Wesley Hale

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