Anthrax attack one subject discussed by Marengo County Commission

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 11, 2004

LINDEN-The Marengo County Emergency Management Agency director Kevin McKinney spoke during the Marengo County Commission meeting on Tuesday, June 8. He gave the commission an update on the program and several of the programs that are currently underway. He told them about the SS plan, which is the National Stockpile Plan.

“If Marengo County came under attack from anthrax, we could have the drugs to combat it within 12 hours,” McKinney said.

He also told the commission about the EOP plan, which is the emergency plan for the entire county. He also said he just recently sent the plan off to Montgomery to get it approved.

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He talked about the lack of weather sirens and that he was in the process of conducting a siren survey to find where the gaps in service are. He said the greatest need in the way of sirens was having them at the local schools.

“We need sirens at Westside Elementary School in Demopolis, Sweetwater High School in Sweetwater, A.L. Johnson in Thomaston,” McKinney said.

He also told the commission about some grant money that could be attained to help in purchasing new sirens. He said he was in talks with the USDA about helping the county purchase them.

“A regular siren costs about

$10,000-$12,000, but the new Homeland Security agency wants the sirens to be voice sirens which cost $20,000-$25,000,”McKinney said.

After telling the commission about the need for weather sirens, he told them about the $75,000 that Marengo County reiceved as part of the $34 million Homeland Security Grant.

He said they planned to use their share of the money on equipment and various other things to better the local fire and police departments.

Other items of interest that happened during the meeting:

* The commission paid its respects to Ronald Reagan

* Talked about the coming renovation of the courthouse

* New projects for the county engineer: three bridges on CR 53

* Appointed Joe Falls to the Library Board

* Saltwell water project underway

* Work session planned for June 22 at 6 p.m.