Critters run loose at public library

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 11, 2004

DEMOPOLIS-Critters were running loose everywhere at the Demopolis Public Library on Thursday. The library held its second annual “Critter Show” as part of their on going Summer Reading Program.

“Critter” Rick Rakestraw and his animals from around the world made a stop in the Demopolis Public Library to entertain about 70 children and their parents with various animals from around the world. He said none of the animals in his show are imports from another country; all of the animals were either raised or rescued by his family.

“I travel all over the State of Alabama going to various libraries showing off my animals to children,” Rakestraw said.

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He said he had about 80 different animals in his home that were all rescued from bad situations.

His show started off with “Precious, the Java Monkey.” He said she was about nine years old and was born in Pennsylvania. She performed tricks for the children including taking her dress off, twisting off a bottle top, and throwing a ball into the audience.

The second animal of the show was “Toku, the Toucan.” He said Toku was five years old. He performed some tricks as well including playing dead.

The third animal that he brought out for the children was “Sarah, the fox”.

He just showed her to the children and told them about her. The fourth animal was “Kiki, the monkey.”

The fifth animal was “Rosie, the red tail Boa”. He showed the children how the snake constricts its prey. The sixth animal in the show was “Melissa, the monkey”. He said she was 32 years, which is about the same as a 96-year-old woman.

The last animal in the show was “Rambo, the parrot.” He said Rambo was 13 years old, but he could live to be 40-50 years old. Rambo performed many tricks for the children including playing dead, and talking.