Arrest keeps streaker’s run short

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 16, 2004

LINDEN-Oh yes, they call him the streak… The summer heat in Linden became a little too unbearable for one Thomasville resident Monday, June 14. When, he pulled into the Papa’s Food’s parking lot and decided to go for an afternoon run through the parking lot completely nude.

Linden Police Department Sgt. Scott McClure said Jeremy Sweat, 26, of Thomasville was arrested Monday on charges of public lewdness after his ‘display’ in the Papa’s Food’s parking lot. He said Sweat pulled his motorcycle to the back of the store and got off, then he took off all his clothes and started running through the parking lot.

“One local Linden resident, along with her child and husband didn’t think the event was cute at all,” McClure said, “She then came to the police department and signed a warrant for his arrest.”

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He said Sweat, after completing two full laps of the parking lot, put his clothes back on and got on his motorcycle and left the scene. He also said several residents of Linden witnessed the event.

“We have no clue as to why Sweat, all of a sudden thought he was Carl Lewis and decided to run like he was in the 40 yard dash,” McClure said.