Warning sirens will sound differently

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Outdoor warning sirens in Demopolis will sound a little differently when they are tested in July – and a little later.

An ad-hoc committee of Demopolis emergency officials met Tuesday to work on an emergency preparedness plan for the city.

Coordinated by BWWMH EMS Director Mitch Snipes, the group consists of representatives from fire, police, E911, the hospital, and the Sheriff’s Department.

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The sirens, which had been running in a test mode, will be sounded on the first Thursday of each

month at 6 p.m. in Demopolis.

Demopolis Director of Public Safety Jeff Manuel demonstrated the sound for the committee, playing a “.wav” file from his laptop.

The high-low alternating wail of the city’s two sirens will be sounded beginning in July, he said.

“People ought to hear the sound they will hear when the sirens are alarmed for a weather event,” he said.

Demopolis Fire Chief George Davenport said the time change would allow more people to hear the test and learn to recognize the alarm.

An additional measure will send police cars into areas where the city’s two sirens can’t be heard well.

A fire engine will also be pulled onto the apron of the station on U.S. Highway 80 and its siren set off to help alert citizens to the danger.

The other sirens in the county – two in Linden, one each in Myrtlewood and Thomasville, won’t see any change in the time or method of testing.