Linden considers closing city streets after resident requests to purchase the property

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 22, 2004

LINDEN–The Linden City Council agreed to close Cooper Street and the alleyway on Wolf Street per a resident’s request to buy the land from the city only after he settles with the city on an easement.

Linden Mayor Pat Vice said the council would go along with this because during a previous meeting the council agreed to close the roads only after the resident purchased the land. The council will vote officially on this matter next meeting only after an easement can be reached between the city and the resident, he said.

The Linden City Clerk Pam Duke announced she was going to be publishing the dates for anyone resident of Linden that was thinking of running for public office needed to come by City Hall and fill out the proper paperwork in order to qualify on July 6. She also told the councilmen that their next meeting on July 5 would need to be changed because it fell on a holiday, so the council decided to meet on July 6 instead.

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The Linden City Administrator Cheryl Hall said the drainage work is currently underway and that the construction is going very well. They’ve only lost one and a half days so far due to the rain, other then that everything is going great.

The council also voted to teardown the southwest wing of the old factory building to add an extra row of parking during the sporting events and to make the area just a little bit safer.