‘The Magic Guy’ brings fun and mystery to public library

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 24, 2004

DEMOPOLIS-The world of balloon animals and magic tricks came to the Demopolis Public Library on Tuesday, when a famous magician came to entertain the children in the Summer Reading Program.

Skip “The Magic Guy” Cain, of Sheffield has preformed for over four million people in more than 10,000 shows across the world. Magic has been my life for the past 28 years, he said.

“I’ve travel to more than 6,000 schools in 49 of the 50 States including 44 countries,” Cain said.

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The love of magic has always been with me, he said. Even in his classroom, when he was a teacher he did magic tricks for the students.

“I’ve also been a part of 22 DOD-USO programs overseas performing the troops,” Cain said, “We helped raise the morale and entertain the troops and their families.”

Back in private school, he was selected to appear on Vic Ames’ television program in 1968 to perform magic, he said. He also picked up the art of twisting balloons and turning them into animals and other objects.

“I started working with the balloons in 1990 only after some students at a high school asked me too,” Cain said.

The owner of the National School Assembly died a couple of years ago and left me ownership of the program that has been located in Los Angeles for the past 68 in his will, well now it’s located in Sheffield, he said.

“I enjoyed coming to Demopolis and performing for the children,” Cain said, “I look forward to coming back next year.”