Warrior Academy finds religion

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 25, 2004


EUTAW – After a groundbreaking meeting on Wednesday night at Warrior Academy, that changed the academy into a Christian based school as well as saw four of the seven current board members resign following the announcement.

Warrior Academy Principal Jimmy Barlow said the reason the four board members, Jim Logan, Danny Cooper, Ernie Hallper, and Grayfield Hamilton resigned was not because of the shift to a Christian School, but because of the current situation at the school. Jean Garris and Rebecca Cotton remained on the board with David Shaw’s future unknown because he didn’t attend the meeting, he said.

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“We are in the process of naming new board members for the school,” Barlow said, “They should be finalized by the end of next week.”

The meeting on Wednesday was well attended by concerned parents and staff of the school, he said. The idea of a Christian based school is one of morale guidance and the people at the meeting never had a problem with the idea of becoming one.

“Everyone pretty much agreed that becoming a Christian School was the best option for school,” Barlow said.

Basically, the school is open and currently taking enrollment for grades kindergarten to 12 for the up and coming school season, he said. The enrollment has started to pick up for the school and with small class numbers and now a Christian based education, things are looking bright for the school.

“The change to a Christian School will be an intern change because the name Warrior Academy will stay the same,” Barlow said.

This gives the school a chance to return to the pre-private school days, when the public schools had more religious liberty. In his over 20 years of experience, he said the overall reception of the change to a Christian school was overwhelming.

“Thanks to Law Lamar and with the financial backing of some churches from Birmingham, we can make turn this into something that everyone will be proud of,” Barlow said.

The school currently has some very important holes to fill before the up coming school season, he said. The need for a high school English teacher is our greatest need right now, then after that a high school science teacher.

“There is also a great need right now for a head football coach and athletic director,” Barlow said.

The school has been here for 35 years and our mission hasn’t changed a bit, too be a quality school and offer a solid educational program for students of all races.

“This community has come forward with regards to our race relations,” Barlow said, “We have shown that we are more concerned about the students getting a quality education then the color of their skin.”