Children need a new playground

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 28, 2004

LINDEN-“The children of Linden Elementary School love to play outside and they deserve a quality playground,” Wanda Fisher, principal of Linden Elementary School said.

Friends of Hale County director Law Lamar was approached by Trudy Finley, Kindergarten teacher with LES during a meeting held at Warrior Academy to discuss becoming a Christian school, he said. She told him about the current playground at LES and how the children deserved something better and she asked him if he could help like he did with Warrior Academy.

“After talking to Trudy Finley about this matter, I started working on lining up donations for playground equipment for the children,” Lamar said.

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After a couple of day’s worth of effective fundraising, the Friends of Hale County have already raised $2,000 for new equipment. Fisher, after learning of the money that had been raised said this is a great start to getting the children and the City of Linden a new playground.

“We’re hoping to rise about $5,000-$6,000 for this new playground,” Fisher said.

With this money the school can replace the swing sets and install a slide and a funnel ball goal, she said. My dream for the children would be this playground complex, but it’s very expensive.

“I met a lot of the children during summer school and they love to be outside and they need some good, quality equipment to play on,” Fisher said.

Vance Starling, Southern Contracting is going to work with the school on this project, she said. A playground may not mean a lot to some people, but for children, it gives them a chance to fight obesity by running around and climbing, plus it is where they learn how to socially interact with other children.

“Anyone wishing to help Linden Elementary School buy some new playground equipment can make a donation,” Lamar said, “Friends of Hale County, 700 27th Place South, Birmingham, AL, 35233.”