Raising The Roof: Doric-South building will meet needs

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 29, 2004

DEMOPOLIS-Doric-South, the maker of burial vaults and monuments has run out of room due to business being so good and now it’s time to expand with a new building. Larry Turberville, owner of Doric-South said this was the first new building that they’ve built on the property since 1994, when they first started making burial vaults. The shelter on the side of the building was added, when Doric-South started selling monuments back in 1999. It’s where the monuments are produced and engraved, he said.

“We needed a new building because we’ve just run completely out of room here in our current facilities,” Turberville said.

The new building would be a 40 X 120 foot metal building that would have a 1,600 square foot sales department in the front and a monument production facility in the back. This new building with its sales department will allow for better customer service, when they come to look at headstones for their loved ones.

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“This new building will ultimately make us more effective and more efficient in our daily jobs,” Turberville said, “Besides allowing us a chance to better serve the public.”

The company currently employs around 15 people, he said. This new building won’t require the company to hire any additional personnel because this is strictly about serving customers better and making the employs more efficient, he said.

“We were expecting to be able to have the grand opening of the new building on July 1,” Turberville said, “But problems with the weather and construction site have delayed the building until about mid-August or early September.”

The concrete slab has been poured since early April, but the progress on the building has been a slow one.