Linden school board hires six new employees in meeting

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 30, 2004

LINDEN-During a special called board meeting by the Linden Board of Education on Tuesday, they announced the hiring of six new employees for the Linden School System among other items.

Linden Superintendent of Education Dr. Walter Davis presented 15 different action items on the night for the board to discuss and either approve or disapprove, but none more important than the new blood that is being brought into the system.

“We officially approved the contracts of two new principals and four new teachers,” Davis said.

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The board approved the hiring of Wanda Fisher, who will be the new principal of Linden Elementary School as well as the hiring of Terry Gosa, who will be the new principal of George P. Austin Junior High School, he said.

“These two new principals are a good step in the right direction for us,” Davis said.

The board also approved tone new teacher and one transfer for George P. Austin Jr. High. They announced the hiring of Teresa Nicholson, who will serve as a mathematics teacher at George P. Austin, he said. They also approved a transfer for Gwen Rodgers from Linden High School to George P. Austin, where she will serve as an English teacher/counselor.

The board to fill the spots of math teacher, language arts teacher, and social science teacher at Linden High School approved the hiring of Ross Wabbington, Brooke Hawkins, and Eleanor Frankowski, he said.

“There are three teaching positions still open in our system,” Davis said.

The board also changed from a six weeks grading period to a nine weeks period, he said. This was an attempt to become a lined with the rest of the schools in Marengo County.

They also approved all the 12-month employees contracts of the Linden School System.