Warrior makes Goode decision

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 2, 2004

EUTAW- With the recent loss of Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Rob Hall, Warrior Academy’s future has been subject to being the talk of the town, but according to Head master Jimmy Barlow, Warrior’s fate looks very Goode.

Thursday, Marlow met with former University of Alabama Wide Receiver and former John Essex High School Head Football Coach Pierre Goode regarding the vacant position at Warrior and after a lengthy interview offered Goode the job.

“We tentatively have offered him the job,” Barlow said.

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As to whether or not Goode will take the job, Barlow said that he is not able to answer that question at this time, but should have an answer by Monday.

“Coach Goode said that he wants to think it over,” Barlow said. “But I would say that he left here feeling very positive.”

Positive or not, there are still many things that Goode must consider before Monday.

“I haven’t made any decisions at this time,” Goode said. “Right now I have offers on the table from a couple of schools in the Birmingham area, three in Florida and one with my alma matter at Hazelwood High.”

While Goode obviously has plenty of tough decisions ahead of him, none can be tougher than the one he must make before Monday. Though taking over as the head football coach at Warrior Academy may not sound much like one of the more glamorous coaching jobs in the state of Alabama, it will be the most talked about.

According to Barlow, if he were to except the position, Goode would become the first Afro-American athletic director and head football coach in the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA).

“To the best of my knowledge he would be the first Afro-American head football coach in the AISA, Barlow said. “I know that some schools have hired Afro-American basketball coaches over the past couple of years, but not football, and not as an athletic director.”

But as for Goode, the breaking of a coaching racial barrier in the state of Alabama has not come into to play.

“I haven’t really thought of it in that way yet,” Goode said. “I’m sure those thoughts will come into play before it’s all over with. I have a lot to think about, but I don’t feel that the thought of being the first black head coach at the AISA level will factor into my decision.”

Since opening its doors in 1965, Warrior Academy has never seen an Afro-American head football coach step on to its campus, but all that could change if Goode accepts.

Change is on the horizon in Eutaw and Warrior Academy is all for it.

“We are not doing this to make any kind of statement. In short, I need a football coach, he needs a job, and if we can come to terms, basically it comes down to that,” Barlow said.

“It’s a bold step to take, basically because it goes against the norms and any time you go against what is considered the norm you run the risk of adverse publicity. But as far as we are concerned, when you’re looking for a coach who is a great motivator and knows the game of football, then there’s no better candidate than Pierre Goode.”