Landrum sentenced for 11th DUI

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 3, 2004

Circuit Judge Eddie Hardaway handed down sentences in two cases in Marengo County Circuit Court Wednesday.

Johnny Ray Landrum had at least two years tacked onto the burglary sentence he’s currently serving when Hardaway sentenced him to five years on a split sentence to serve two years for felony DUI, said District Attorney Greg Griggers.

Landrum was received the sentence for his 11th DUI, which resulted in a traffic accident where Griggers said his car was stopped in the middle of an intersection and another driver was injured.

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“The judge’s sentence reflected the number of DUI’s this guy had and the fact that this particular DUI resulted in the injury to another party,” Griggers said.

Landrum is serving seven-year sentence for burglary.

Also sentenced was Cynthia Brown to seven years in the penitentiary for second degree assault.

It was Brown’s second assault conviction, the first coming in April 1998 when she pleaded guilty to assault III.