Cars not too fast for bullets

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 7, 2004

EUTAW – Three local residents may have been going way too fast during a drag race, but one of the racers was way too furious with the outcome on Saturday, July 3.

After the race, he decided to show them their cars weren’t faster than his bullets.

Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac said LaCoy Quinney, Michael Polk, and the suspect were involved in a drag race, in which the suspect lost and had to pay them $100. After the race, they were sitting at Martin Luther King Village when the suspect pulled up and started shooting out of his window into the cars containing the two individuals.

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“The suspect was upset after his loss, so he followed them and then opened fire on them with a handgun, while hanging out of the window of his car,” Isaac said.

Quinney and Polk of Eutaw called the sheriff’s office around 11 a.m. and reported shots being fired at them while they sat in their cars. The suspect reportedly made threats to the two victims after losing the race, he said.

“There was major damage to the two cars as well as some other cars in the area from the shooting spree,” Isaac said.

The suspect is still at large after the incident, but the sheriff knows who he is and where he lives but can’t put him up until a witness signs a warrant. No one involved in the shooting was seriously injured, but there was extensive damage done to the cars, he said.

“Valerie Jordan, who lives in King Village reported her two vehicles being damaged during the shooting as well,” Isaac said.

Jordan’s Ford Explorer’s rear window was shot out as well as the right and left windows of her Mazda 223, he said. When and if a warrant is signed for the arrest of the suspect, he would most likely be charged with two counts of shooting into an occupied vehicle and one count shooting into an unoccupied vehicle.